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What do Warehouse and Distribution Management, Manufacturing/Inventory Management, and Retail/Backroom Management all have in common? First, these industry sectors are on the frontlines as e-commerce becomes a major driver of the global economy. (As proof, an e-commerce explosion of online shopping is expected to top $4.5 trillion by 2021.)

Secondly, there is a universal need for more efficiency, productivity, and greater connectivity among warehouse workers and other operational personnel.

As you might expect, barcode scanner technologies continue to evolve as well. And for good reason. Time is an even more precious commodity than ever before with a compressed order fulfillment process and accelerated delivery times. Deliveries in a matter of hours as well as peak-season crunches are today’s new reality.

Equally significant challenges also exist on the labor front. Productivity can lag with the constant flux of temporary workers. In addition, be prepared for labor shortages, spikes in turnover, shifts to seasonal workers as well as the ongoing pressure to train/retrain new operations staff.

All of these factors point to making the right decisions with technology and training. Enter the Zebra MC3300x mobile touch computer.

An e-commerce explosion of online shopping is expected to top $4.5 trillion by 2021. Productivity can lag with the constant flux of temporary workers.

Meeting the Urgent Needs of Warehouses Everywhere

Welcome to the next evolution of the Zebra MC3000 family of keypad/mobile touch computers. Expect nothing less of Imprint’s Management Services. By working with the best technology providers, we deliver proven solutions in an ever-changing marketplace.

The Zebra MC3300x provides a productivity boost across the board via a full complement of powerful features. It’s critical to expect more from scanners than just standard barcode capture. It is in this arena where the Zebra MC3300x truly shines.

This mobile touch computer provides the ultimate in flexibility and comfort with four models to meet a variety of needs. Even better, the MC3300x offers a compelling synergy of rugged durability with enhanced fit-for-purpose ergonomic design.

Bottom line: the MC3300x provides a proven platform both today and tomorrow

What’s New and Better about the MC3300x

The MC3300x is built for today’s fast-moving, on-demand, e-commerce driven environment. The MC3300x features Zebra’s latest and most secure Android architecture. (It launches with Android 10, another Zebra advantage.)

Mobile computers that deliver the productivity boost so necessary for today’s operations either live or die by three key factors: processor speed, memory, and all-important battery life. So it’s good to know that the MC3300x has a faster processor, more memory, and a 35% greater battery capacity. That translates into a charge that lasts three shifts long and makes battery management easier and smoother than ever before.

Of course, any mobile computer in a warehouse environment needs to endure harsh conditions.

The MC3300x is more rugged with higher sealing, drop, and tumble specifications. This means less dreaded downtime. Obviously, a mobile touch computer pays for itself with robust scanning capabilities. Improved and enhanced data capture performance and options are just the beginning. A new standard range SE4770 scan engine offers more intuitive scanning and that’s just one example.

Here are more reasons to consider the MC3300x mobile computer by Zebra:

  • Faster, better performing wireless connections (for easy pairing and better peripheral performance)
  • More standard features
  • including NFC and 4GB RAM/32GB Flash
  • More Mobility DNA tools
  • Backward compatible with many legacy MC3XXX charging accessories for cost-effective upgrades


Mobile touch computers designed for warehouse conditions must continue performing in an environment to expect the unexpected. That makes it Zebra’s responsibility to deliver as rugged a unit as possible.

That’s why the drop spec has increased: 6 ft./1.8 m drops to concrete across the operating temperature range. Tumble specs also increased: 3,000 3.3 ft./1 m tumbles. And a higher IP64 dustproof sealing provides 24/7 protection. There’s also a more wide operating temperature range, now rated for -4 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. All to keep more mobile computers in service and better productivity on track.

In addition, the simple truth is the most effective mobile computer in existence is the one that gets used and universally adopted by warehouse workers. The Zebra MC3300x offers a choice of four form factors, giving each worker the right solution for their own data capture requirements. The entire team gets the best of both worlds: durability and ergonomically superior designs compared to the competition.

The MC3300x doesn’t exist in a vacuum either. Purpose-built enterprise accessories are available as is the Mobility DNA™ toolkit and industry-leading security and support from Zebra. Even support for TE apps is included.

The Most Efficient Warehouses Run on Zebra

The simple truth is the most effective mobile computer in existence is the one that gets used and universally adopted by warehouse workers.

Innovation runs deep from market leader Zebra. The MC3300x is the best solution for warehouse operations that are overdue for enhanced productivity that’s sustainable despite the unpredictability of the labor market.

The MC3300x delivers the right technology and the right support, options, and accessories for a total solution. All from Zebra, a trusted, quality provider of technology. And count on Imprint Enterprises to be the best source for proven solutions customized to the demanding needs of today’s technology-impacted warehouses.

Contact Imprint today to discuss which solution is the best for you.