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Medium businesses typically have the basics of barcoding down. Where they’re at now is updating and upgrading their technology to help them keep growing. In the past it was a matter of getting up and running. Now it’s all about the future and the increasing complexity of meeting multiple demands.

Scanning labels in a warehouse

Upgrading to a system such as BarTender® can improve the lifecycle of barcode labels, ensure compliance for any industry, and has multiple editions for any business need. Upgrading to RFID enhances traceability. Creating a functional warehouse with enhances productivity and effectiveness.

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Bartender® software box

BarTender® is an all-in-one barcode software solution from Seagull Scientific that is simple and cost-effective. This software program makes it easy for medium-sized businesses to create, automate, and manage barcodes, labels, RFID tags, and more.

BarTender® 2021 is the latest upgrade of a program that has been around for decades. It is a game changer with upgraded automation, integration, and database capabilities with new design tools and greater security.

Create any barcode label you need from any network printer. BarTender® 2021 can help any organization on a local or global scale to better manage their labeling lifecycle, increase label quality, integrate with existing business systems, and improve reliability, traceability, and compliance. With this integrated and network connected software program, labels can be printed anywhere anytime, by anyone.


Living in an on-demand economy, everyone wants super speedy fulfillment, delivery, and return/exchange yesterday. Is your warehouse already equipped to handle the extreme asset and production identification, tracking, and management that comes with the on-demand landscape?

RFID labels

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is commonly used in various application for traced, from production through the supply chain. RFID uses a chip and tag combination for optimal reading, making it superior to barcodes with the ability to be read from long distances and storing significantly more information.

RFID technology can increase operational efficiency, eliminate human error, and reduce capital costs. RFID technology also provides access to real-time data, offering insight for better decision making and precise asset management. Each tag has its own unique serial number.

RFID readers can be fixed for maximum visibility and pinpointing location throughout the warehouse. Readers also come as handheld readers and mobile computers to extend a network’s visibility beyond the walls of the warehouse.

Warehouse Improvements

Warehouse aisle

As warehouse labels age, such as rack and bin labels and vertical aisle signs, they lose their scannability and visibility. This causes slowdowns on stocking orders and even confusion about where the proper materials are or where they go. So now you must consider what it will take to replace all those labels. How much time will it take? Will it interfere with getting orders out on time?

What if you don’t even have a system set up in your warehouse yet? As you grow and your warehouse starts increasing in capacity and size, not having a proper system in place will negatively impact the productivity of workers.

From the floor to the bins, from the shelves to the aisle signs, here are some of solutions that will work for you and your warehouse. Warehouse management systems need to keep up with the changing times and increasing demands. This is your first stop to find out more about what you need to transform your warehouse for the future:

Barcodes are expected to be used about 84% of the time in warehouse inventory. This increases the need to upgrade technological solutions in your labeling system. Incorporating technology, such as scanners to go with the labels, can also help your warehouse go green by reducing the amount of paper material needed to conduct an inventory and fill orders.

Grow Smarter for your Future

Business man and woman talking

As a medium-sized business you’ve likely already incorporated barcode labeling systems that have become outdated. As such, you might be struggling to keep up with your current and future growth. Your goal is to optimize technology to become more dynamic and profitable in business, especially when your current technology is not meeting expectations.

Why would you hire someone to help you grow that doesn’t understand where you are and where you’re going? Imprint creates lifelong relationships and will help you every step of the way. Why would you hire someone that is one-and-done? Call the specialists that understand your needs even if you don’t.

For medium-sized businesses, Imprint can assist you in moving forward with technology that is designed to last, grow, and learn with you. From upgrading your software system to BarTender®, incorporating RFID technology, or installing/upgrading your warehouse technologies, Imprint has a solution for every aspect of growth.

Allow Imprint to become a part of your family, not just an addition to your function. Contact Imprint Enterprises today!

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