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Aurora, IL – March 30th, 2020 – Zebra Technologies, a leading provider of RFID products and services, has designated Imprint Enterprises as a preferred provider and RFID specialist. 

Such a classification is not easily obtained. In fact, key industry thresholds like completed training, expert product knowledge, installation applications, and sales targets are all necessary components to be awarded as an RFID Specialist.

Becoming an RFID Specialist for Zebra Technologies is yet one more indicator of the commitment by Imprint Enterprises towards the warehouse of the future and the solutions partners needed to make that transformation a successful reality.

 Bob Conti of Imprint Enterprises shared, “The ability to provide RFID solutions that solve our customers’ greatest operational challenges is one example of how we go the extra mile for our customers. Another is partnering with industry-leading solutions providers. Becoming an RFID Specialist for Zebra Technologies gives us yet one more leg up on the competition.”

The use of RFID readers provides multiple benefits to standard warehouse operations. At a basic level, RFID provides automatic data capture so a scanner isn’t required.  Other users include applications and work processes where enhanced visibility is needed. 

Now, with more advanced Zebra RFID products, triangulation from multiple readers at the same time can help pinpoint the exact location of an item within any size facility.  And when it comes to repairs, by tagging items in a mobile database, the entire repair history of any RFID hardware is available instantly. 

Overall, the use of RFID technologies is in perfect alignment with the warehouse of the future via faster transaction speed for an improved, more efficient and productive operation. 

To learn how Imprint Enterprises and Zebra Technologies are the ideal solutions for the warehouse of the future, call (855) 745-4464. 

 About Imprint Enterprises

Since 1975, Imprint Enterprises has provided businesses in the Chicago and Minneapolis-St. Paul area with industry-leading barcode, RFID and mobility solutions along with unparalleled service and support.

As proof, Imprint Enterprises provides a dedicated account executive and customer support representative committed to optimizing the value of the investment in technology.

In addition, the Imprint Enterprises technical team has the proven skills and experience to readily assist with on-site service and repair when needed—and all just a short drive away.