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Scanners and mobile computers can be bulky, are sometimes tethered to host devices, and require the use of one or both hands to use, requiring employees to put down the devices to fill orders and sort/load products. If the devices are tethered there is no independent power supply, and the cable can get in the way or get twisted up and cause problems. Do you know how that impacts productivity and efficiency?

Randomly buying new barcoding scanning and mobile computer technology doesn’t inherently increase productivity and efficiency.

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The key is in obtaining the correct combination of wearable barcoding solutions available from Zebra Technologies that provides greater flexibility for improved mobility and productivity.

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Why Use Wearable Barcode Technology?

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Wearable technology is optimal for many industries and can decrease unnecessary errors by up to 39%. Having been around for about 12-15 years, wearable tech started out tethered to help employees manage items that are bulky and heavy without having to pick up and put down barcode scanning devices.

As ecommerce picked up, speed and efficiency became more important to keep up with tasks. Wearable scanners have proven how they increased efficiency in picking when both hands are needed for heavy and bulky items. Why stop there? Micro-efficiencies that were previously dismissed can save time from the extra motions of picking up and putting down a mobile computer, or having to search for where it was last placed. 

Benefits of Using a Wearable Barcode Scanning Solution

The rise of ecommerce created the need for more efficient wearable barcode scanning options that could keep up with the demands on businesses while not burdening employees with multiple devices and cords. Wearable barcode solutions provide the ability to safely move heavy and bulky items and quickly perform scanning and picking by keeping both hands free. Gone are the days of having to constantly pick up and put down scanning devices.

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Increasing Productivity

Micro-efficiencies save businesses money by saving employees time while performing work, increasing productivity. With wearable devices, fewer scanners and mobile computers are misplaced. Thousands of parts can be scanned per day on an assembly line easily and comfortably.

The ergonomic comfort, improved ruggedness, and advancements of software make wearable technology a more efficient alternative to standard handheld devices. Wearable devices are smaller and lighter with technological advancements, making them weigh less than conventional scanner terminals.

Mobile computers with independent hosts provide fast and reliable data without delay. This can decrease unnecessary errors by up to 39%. Fewer errors equal greater productivity and overall profits. And with having fast access to data, any errors found while scanning can be easily adjusted on the spot.

Imprint is the Leading Expert that Can Help Your Business

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With over 30 years of experience and product knowledge, Imprint Enterprises is an industry-leading provider of barcode equipment, software, repair, maintenance solutions, and more. Imprint Enterprises supports multiple industries and is a Premiere Solution Partner with Zebra Technologies, a leader in the barcoding technologies industry.

Disconnected workers must take more steps to complete a task, which requires more time and can erode operational efficiency. Simplify task-based workflows and communications by improving your technology to meet the demands of the increased on-demand ecommerce. No matter your industry, you’ll see a faster movement of products.

Zebra Technologies has the products you need to create a total wearable scanning solution to save time and money by increasing productivity. Imprint is the expert that can help you determine the best solutions for your business, moving your business into the future. Set-up and management are no longer a complex and time-consuming ordeal when the specialists can do it for you.

Our friendly team of knowledgeable professionals can talk with you to help you determine the best wearable solution for your company. Contact Imprint Enterprises today!

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