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Zebra Technologies is the industry leader in RFID technology. Costs of this technology have decreased while benefits have increased, making your return on investment a quicker turnaround. It is a more comprehensive and cohesive solution for many industries.

RFID technology is a rapidly growing solution (reaching $11.6 billion in 2019, expected to exceed $15 billion in 2024) to many problems companies have experienced during product manufacturing, location, authentication, and tracking.

RFID in pharmaceuticals

There are many benefits to using this tech and it can be easy to understand.

Benefit of RFID Technology

RFID Fixed reader

RFID uses radio frequency waves to transfer data wirelessly utilizing handheld or fixed readers or scanners, antennas, printers, and software; all depending on the needs of the business. This technologically advanced solution offers real-time data, aiming to pave the way to a consistent, fully scaled operational ecosystem.

Today’s on-demand economy and expectations for speed regarding order fulfillment/delivery creates a need for reliable and accurate tracking, location, and delivery information; from the floor to client/consumer. RFID technology allows access of information with precise accuracy, serializing individual units and adding additional benefits throughout the life of the product.

For example, if a product is stolen or the company issues a recall, the RFID can provide location to track down the product itself or the client/consumer in possession of the product to ease the process of gathering information needed for potential recalls. How is all this possible?

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Breaking Down RFID

 The answer lies within the physical RFID tag itself. Tags use a miniature chip and an antenna inlay within a hard, physical tag or inlaid within a principal label for identification. Breaking that down further, the miniature chip within an RFID tag is where all data and information is stored, available in various storage sizes, or capacities, including 96-bit, 128-bit, and 512-bit.

Front and back image of an RFID label

As the size of storage capabilities get larger, the more data can be programmed into the chip, such as asset locations and movements to manufacturer identity and more. Attached to the chip is the micro thin antenna. When scanned, the antenna serves as ears for the RFID tag, listening for the RFID reader, which allows for the tag to be read without a line of sight, meaning that an RFID tag can be scanned through walls or around the corner.

Due to the RFID tag in its entirety being active or passive, the antenna is always waiting to receive a signal from the RFID reader. Active tags are always awake, have their own power source and transmitter, and respond to the RFID reader’s signals. Passive tags are asleep until pinged by the signal, at which point it will then wake up and respond to the RFID reader.

The chip and antenna make up the RFID inlay, which is kept within tag material, which can then be encased and mounted to a physical item (device, equipment, etc.). For more information and answers to common questions, please refer to our RFID technology FAQ.

Imprint Enterprises is the Zebra Technologies RFID Specialist

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Thinking about making the switch? Imprint Enterprises can help make the discussion and transition to RFID painless and seamless, giving your company a cutting technological edge on all available markets.

Reduce the amount of time it takes to track inventory, while increasing the accuracy of locating items. Automation using RFID technology can assist with labor shortages and make inventory management more hands-off.

It is imperative for a company’s bottom line to maintain compliance with industry regulations, while minimizing the potential for chargebacks and fines. And with multiple options available between hardware and software, almost any company can benefit from implementing RFID technology.

Imprint Enterprises has decades of experience in RFID solutions – from printers, readers, and tags/labels.

Zebra's RFID technology

We will support you in making the most informed decision for your enterprise and can outfit your company with RFID technology from Zebra. Contact us to begin building your comprehensive RFID solution for your enterprise.

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