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Zebra Technologies is the global leader in rugged technology for your industrial needs. With technology constantly updating, Zebra Technologies ensures their tablets are up to date with top-of-the-line quality and support.

With an IP65 rating, the L10 rugged tablets are built for the most demanding environments and come already encased in a frame. There are 3 models to choose from that deliver the fast performance needed to compete the work. Pick and choose from a variety of accessories to enhance the usability of these rugged tablets.

The L10 rugged tablets are being phased out, with the 6x series rugged tablets taking their place.

How durable are tablets in your facility? The L10 rugged tablets meet your industry demands and needs. Zebra Technologies’ rugged tablets have Android and/or Windows interfacing with enhanced security for easier manageability of application and top-notch security. With the rugged superiority of these tablets, and the accessories to suit your needs, why wait to upgrade?

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Setting the Standard for Rugged Tablets

Zebra Technologies is always upping the standards in rugged technological needs, keeping up with demanding industrial environments. Rugged tablet durability, security, and manageability are one of Zebra Technologies’ priorities. Their line of rugged tablets are waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof. These rugged tablets all come with Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass display, making them shatter and scratch-resistant.

The L10 XSLATE is the lightest and smallest model, making it ideal for vehicles, job sites, and manufacturing floors. The L10 XPAD has an integrated handle for easy carrying out in the field and within warehouse distribution centers. Data entry is made easier using a barcode scanning system. The XBOOK L10 is a 2-in-1 tablet with laptop capability. It is equipped with a fully functional and removable keyboard, making it ideal for managers and supervisors and long-form entries.

All three rugged tablet options come with 2 operating systems for your technological strategy, Windows 10 Pro and Android 8.1. With 5 CPUs and 2 eMMC storage options, you can mix and match to get the right power and storage for different types of users and applications. And there are three 10-inch multi-touch technology display options to choose from, to match the needs of your environment:

  • Standard 500 NIT Capacitive Display
  • View Anywhere ® 1,000 NIT Capacitive Display
  • View Anywhere ® 1,000 NIT Active Digitizer Display

The L10 rugged tablets are certified for use in hazardous areas with a C1D2 (Class 1 Division 2) or ATEX. They have been drop tested to MIL-STD-810G standard from up to 6 ft. The lightweight magnesium alloy frame is stronger than steel yet lighter than aluminum. Other specifications include:

  • Ultimate Connectivity
    • CBRS
    • WiFi
    • NFC
    • Cellular
    • Bluetooth
  • Temperature Range of -4F to 122F / -20C to 50C
    • 40g operating shock and thermal shock
  • Front and rear higher resolution camera
    • 5MP (Android)/2MP (Windows) color for front-facing video calling
    • 13MP color rear-facing camera for highly detailed photos and videos
  • Push to talk functionality for walkie talkie use
  • GPS capability
  • Operate up to 50,000 feet
  • Optional SE4710 enterprise-class scan engine (L10 XPAD) for barcode scanning

Accessories Enhance the Experience

Upgrade security measures and centralized management with Zebra Technologies rugged tablets. Accessibility can be securely managed with the incorporation of Smart Cards, Common Access Cards, and fingerprint readers. The optional Zebra OneCare Support Services can enhance support, repair, and care beyond standard warranty limitations.

Get the most out of your rugged tablets by adding essential accessories. From docking options to charging options, adding specific accessories can help your employees work more effectively while increasing productivity. Mix and match from any of the following:

  • Docks
    • Vehicle dock
    • Industrial dock
    • Office dock (Windows)
  • Cases
  • Kick strap
    • Soft top handle
    • Shoulder strap
    • Carry Case
  • Input devices
    • Rugged Backlit Keyboard
    • Pens
  • Batteries
    • Standard full-shift
    • Extended life around-the-clock
    • Kickstand extended battery bracket
  • Chargers
    • Single bay battery charger
    • AZ power pack
  • Shatter-resistant screen protector film
  • Screen cleaning cloths
  • Integrated Options
    • Barcode scanner (XPAD only)
    • HDMI-in port
    • Smart card/CAC reader (Windows)
    • True Serial (RS232) (Windows)
    • UHF RFID Reader (Windows)

Mobility DNA

Zebra Technologies exclusive Mobility DNA (not available with the R12 XSLATE) is a unique software ecosystem that creates an enterprise-ready operating system. Enhance the productivity of your facility with a platform made for simpler application management, easy integration, and improved operations. Choose the right tools for your industry needs with up to 15 valuable options depending upon the tablet series you opt for:

  • Business Tool
    • Workforce Connect PTT Express
  • 5 Productivity Tools
    • DataWedge
    • Device Diagnostics
    • Enterprise Keyboard
    • PowerPrecision+
    • Swipe Assist
  • 7 Management Tools
    • Device Tracker
    • EMM Toolkit
    • Enterprise Home Screen
    • LifeGuard
    • Power Precision Console
    • StageNow
    • WorryFree WiFi
  • 3 Development Tools
    • Mobility Extensions (Mx)
    • Enterprise Browser
    • EMMK for Android

Zebra Technologies exclusive Mobility DNA is a unique software ecosystem that creates an enterprise-ready operating system.

No Matter the Industry, These Rugged Tablets Set the Standard

Consumer grade tablets and even many commercial grade tablets are not durable enough for rugged industry environments. Consumer and commercial tablets have poor security and manageability capabilities, causing slow processing speeds with quickly outdated tablets. The poor mobility capability of these consumer and commercial grade tablets affects your productivity and most likely don’t even support your complex workflow.

Suited for almost any environment, Zebra Technologies creates the highest standard for rugged tablets that can be used in almost any industry. Designed to maximize workforce productivity and efficiency, the L10 rugged tablets are the dependable and smart ‘go-anywhere’ option for your business.

These enterprise-ready rugged tablets can improve customer service and quality, and increase revenue, giving you a strong ROI. Reduce costs by obtaining tablets that can meet all of the environmental and complex workflow demands of your industry. With so many options to choose from, these rugged tablets have everything you need in security and extra support. How good are the tablets at your facility?

Zebra Technologies is an award-winning company and an expert in the barcode technology field with the rigorous testing of their own products. Imprint Enterprises is a Premiere Solution Partner with Zebra Technologies and has over 30 years of experience. Imprint is a company that grows with you, building a lifelong relationship with you and your company that is based on quality and trust.

Contact Imprint Enterprises today to discuss the Zebra rugged tablets that are best for your business.

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